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Art Palm Springs 2017 • Booth #211

Art Palm Springs • Tom Ross Gallery

Santa Fe had been good to me both as a gallery owner and artist. Yet, I was ready for a change and felt that my large abstract acrylic pieces painted on acrylic panels would be a good fit for the Palm Springs’ Mid-Century Modern aesthetic.

I attribute much influence of the “look” of my art as a result of having grown up in a mid century home in Albuquerque NM. I have fond memories recalling the expanse of floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that provided an unobstructed view of the rose bushes in his back yard. I also have distinct recollections of the colorful modernist paintings and glass art that my parent’s collected and displayed over the years. It is no wonder that I’ve been drawn to Palm Springs not only as a place to live but also to exhibit my art.

Upon arriving here in September, I immediately rented an art gallery/ studio at the Back Street Art District. This space now serves the dual purpose of displaying my art and also providing a working environment to create my often large-scale pieces. My decision both to move to Palm Springs and simplify my professional obligation seems to continue to be validated. In the five months that I’ve lived here my art seems to be evolving and getting more diverse.

I have begun three new bodies of work- the “Zen Series”, the “Marble Series “ and multi- dimensional pieces that I call “Dioramas”. I plan to bring pieces from all of these series as well as my signature work to my booth at Art Palm Springs during Modernist week, February 16-19. How well the work will be received will be another test as to whether I’ve made the right move.


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