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Interwaving 2016 • 24 in. x 24 in. • Acrylic paint on acrylic panel

I originally was going to title this latest 24" x 24" "Interweaving" but upon typing the word I misspelled it as "Interwaving". It is hard to look at this painting and not see waves, waves not only of the ocean, but also energetic waves that underly our visual reality. This painting is one of many of my pieces that takes on different meaning in different orientations. As I painted it, I continued to rotate, its position which affected not only the composition but also the direction and flow of the patterns and strokes.

After completing it , I originally viewed it at an orientation that was turned 180 degrees from what is show in this photo. From that viewing, it connoted more of a seascape. Later, when I first showed the completed piece to a friend, I asked him which orientation he preferred. He chose the direction that is posted above, pointing out that this way it takes on more of the feel of a landscape with New Mexico mountains. The fact that the painting takes on both a mountain and ocean locale, seems especially appropriate to me as I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to reconcile how to combine both living in Santa Fe and also spending a significant amount of time at a place by the ocean. But most importantly, I'm trying to learn how to interweave the many varying and sometimes opposing parts of my psyche in a unifying and harmonious composition.


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