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Rosenberg - Mystery - Acrylic on acrylic panel

Rosenberg uses a process known as reverse painting – works  created with layers of paint applied on the backside of clear acrylic panels. “With this technique there is always an element of surprise,” Rosenberg says.” Each painting seems to be an exercise in letting go. Fairly soon after beginning a piece, I lose awareness of time and place. Each little shape and section becomes a world unto itself. Now I’ve come to realize that the paintings themselves are meditations.” 

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Living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he began his professional career as a successful children’s book author and illustrator. In 2012, after twenty-five years of exploring the representational side of life, he began his true life work into the exciting and alluring world of abstract painting, reclaiming his heritage and identity by adopting his original family name Rosenberg. In 2016 He moved to Palm Springs , CA where he opened a studio/ showroom.


Rosenberg’s work can be found in private and public collections throughout the world including: Bernalillo County Public Art Program - Albuquerque, NM, Living Montessori Academy - Bellevue, WA and Decoplage condominium lobby - Miami Beach, FL.

 "The tradition of reverse painting on glass goes all the way back to the Middle Ages and the Byzantine Empire. Over the last decade, some contemporary artists have begun experimenting with the process, but instead of working on glass, they are painting on clear acrylic panels (painting with acrylic on acrylic panels allows for works of much large scales). The artist Rosenberg brings his own unique style to this old tradition, layering gradating colors upon colors while creating non-objective work that arises from an intuitive approach. The finished compositions often surprise even himself."

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