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Unforeseen - Wynwood Exhibition Center

Wynwood Exhibition Center presents Unforeseen a solo exhibition by Santa Fe based artist Rosenberg. On view April 7th to May 7th • 297 NW 23rd St.

This exhibition features the artist’s most recent work, including the thirty feet long multi-panel piece comprised of twelve paintings “Unforeseen”. This series of abstract compositions are rich in patterns, detail and tonal variations. A continuum of parts, interdependent and interacting languages that create a whole, conforming a singular and unique poetic dance of mysterious, ominous, luminous and otherworldly life-forms.

Relocating for the winter from the high desert of New Mexico to Florida, ignited a series of new events and experiences that inspired a transition in the creative process. Drawing inspiration from architectural and natural elements: imprinted textures on the sand, building lines, water movements, shells, coral, sounds, wind and light reflections, become the primordial and mutating vocabulary of this body of work. Reorganizing and extrapolating scale and patterns in a weaving like practice, translate into a recording of these fragments as a visual poem in itself.

Rosenberg, uses a process known as reverse painting –works created with layers of paint applied on the backside of clear acrylic panels. “With this technique there is an always an element of surprise,” Rosenberg says.”Each painting seems to be an exercise in letting go. Fairly soon after beginning a piece, I lose awareness of time and place. Each little shape and section becomes a world unto itself. Now I’ve come to realize that the paintings themselves are meditations.”


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